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Understanding magnifiers:-


A magnifying lens


If you find it difficult to read letters, newspapers, books, recipes, or labels easily, consider using a magnifier to enlarge the print. Before purchasing a magnifier consider the magnification and size of the lens, generally a larger magnifier will have lower magnification and a high powered magnifier will have a small lens. Higher magnification magnifiers tend to show you less of what you are looking at, perhaps only a word or few letters at a time. In our shop we have one of the countries largest selections of magnifiers and our team are happy to help you choose the correct product for your specific needs. Several types of magnifier are available.










Hand-held magnifiers

These devices can be used for most everyday needs and are held directly over the object to make it appear larger. The strength of magnification may vary between about 1.5 times (x 1.5) to 12 times (x 12). They are available in a range of physical shapes and sizes. How much bigger you see the item will also depend on the distance you and the magnifier are from the object you are looking at.













Some hand-held magnifiers are fitted with a built-in battery powered lamp or LED to improve lighting and enhance the text.

Hand-held magnifiers are not suitable if you have a shaky hand or find a handheld device difficult to grip and as they are held close to the page they are generally unsuitable for use when writing.
















Magnifiers for different uses

If you have weak or shaky hands, using a magnifier on a stand may be ideal for reading and, if the stand is tall enough, also for writing.


Some of these magnifiers have an integral light. However, some users find it difficult to find the start of the text they wish to magnify when using a stand magnifier.


Magnifiers with a cord that can be worn round the neck and Magnifiers which attach to spectacles or a headband

These products have a neck cord or attachment which enables the magnifier to rest on the chest leaving the hands free. Some incorporate a second inset lens, giving greater magnification.


Keeping all magnifiers clean and protected from scratches is important in maximising and maintaining clarity.

Phot of a COIL 5206 Hi Power Aspheric MagnifierPhoto of a COIL ATMAX hand held illuminated magnifier.Photo of one of the Raylite range from COIL, these magnifiers are available in a range of powers, all heads and battery illuminated handles are interchaneable.A COIL 5855 Clearview Stand MagnifierA COIL 5820 Easiview Magnifier, designed to hang around the neck for hands free use.Text Box: Phone: 01302 722979
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At our Woodlands shop we have what we believe to be the largest selection of quality magnifiers available in the UK. In addition to helping those with sight loss our magnifiers are used in schools, colleges, factories, nailbars, beauticians and workshops across the country. Whatever your needs our team is available to help you find the most appropriate product, do not hesitate to ask.

Linen Tester from Eschenbach optikCOIL aspheric Hi Power Stand MagnifierWatchmaker's eyeglass from Combined Optical Industries, 20x Aspheric lensBug Jar Nature Viewer Magnifier from COILVTM magnifier from COIL designed to highlight one row of text oftern found helpful for those with dyslexia.An example of the selection of magnifying lamps that we have in stock.


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